The Divine Wheelbarrow

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Getting Real: The Blog

God often speaks to me in images. I guess He knows they stick with me.
I was working at Hope Reins this Saturday, and we had a great turnout of volunteer families helping to keep the ranch looking beautiful. It was a gorgeous day, and everywhere I looked there were folks working together. It just made my heart happy to be there with everyone!

There was one father/son team that caught my attention. The boy looked to be about 5 – small and skinny, with an enthusiastic face. His dad was wheeling a wheelbarrow, and the boy was waking backwards in front of it, with his little hands gripping the nose. There was a look of proud achievement about him. The dad was grinning from ear to ear.
I gave them a smile as I walked past, and then felt God nudge me and say, “That’s us! You and I.”

The things I do, the things that feel like they really matter, the things that give my life meaning… God is the one driving them. And nothing makes Him happier than to have me grab the nose of that wheelbarrow, and get to participate in what He’s doing!
I can forget how big his grace is. He’s not looking for me to ‘get it right’ for Him.
I can forget how He’s the one behind it all.
It’s not on my shoulders to make my life happen. That’s His domain.
Mine is team up with Him… to trust that He’s got this, and to work alongside my Poppa.




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  1. Janiece

    So beautiful Elizabeth. Your words are always a blessing to me. Janiece


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