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Life & Equine Facilitated Coaching
Discover your truth • Live from your strengths • Impact your world

Growth is the accumulation of small change. It’s messy, challenging, uncomfortable and can sometimes be downright scary. It is small victories adding up to substantive change.

Life Coaching

Are you hungry for change? Growth means moving beyond what you know… what has worked for you (or not), to break new ground in how you see yourself, the world, and your place in it. Growth isn’t easy, but it’s easier with support. You don’t have to do this alone.

Equine Facilitated Coaching

Horses tell us the truth. They help us see ourselves, our patterns, assumptions, coping strategies, and how we impact those around us. All our work with horses is “on the ground”.

Natural Horsemanship

(Conversations with Horses)

Using your own horse, or one from Circle of Oaks, you will learn how to listen to the horse, hear and respond to what they are saying; building a true partnership. Spoiler alert: It’s still completely about your growth!

About Elizabeth

I’ve been down some tough roads, and found my way back to loving deeply; life, people, animals, experiences. I’m passionate about growth, and the possibilities that lie before us.

The thing that lights me up is working with women and horses; creating the safety and support for women to acknowledge who they are and begin to live into that. And partnering with horses; learning from them, listening to them, and becoming a better person for myself and others, as I become better for them.

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I Belong

I Belong

The waves thrum faint from outside the beach house. I open the window just a little, letting the damp salt wind sift through the bedroom, and the rhythm of the surf roll in.  It calls me; changing colors and changing tides tugging me...

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Being a better human

Being a better human

The large roan gelding stands frozen, eyes cautious and unblinking. I sit to his left and behind, the belly of the long lead rope on the ground,...

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You’re not wrong

You’re not wrong

Buddy freezes, his generously sized ears straining towards the line of Canadian geese, strut-waddling just outside the back arena fence; the scary...

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Catching on…

Catching on…

Deetz, our alpha gelding, met me at the paddock gate, eager to come out. Between the cold of January and the crazy amount of rain we’ve been...

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Real People…Real Transformation

“Watching Elizabeth lead a group of women always touches my heart. I’ve been one of those women. Whether the topic is how to connect with your horse or how to put on a horse’s blanket, her skill with facilitation and her genuine compassion for her hearers create an atmosphere of warmth, love, and a feeling of acceptance—as well as the imparting of a skill.”

Mary Lee, Rougemont, NC

Elizabeth has been a teacher beyond compare, whose sincerity and openness is freely shared and whose genuine understanding and love for horses continues to be an inspiration to myself, and those that she has touched. I now work with a local equine non-profit here in Atlanta. My skills, approach, and passion remain a direct result of my time working with Elizabeth.

Janiece, Atlanta, GA

“ Elizabeth was the first person I heard to articulate something I’d known all my life— that horses are sentient beings (or better said, horses are people too) and worthy of our respectful and compassionate relationships with them.”


“One of Elizabeth’s many giftings and passions is equine facilitation. I have been blessed to have Elizabeth work with me over the last 6 years teaching me how to manage horses, big and small. It might surprise you to know that the smallest mini presented unique challenges that would help me glean deep personal growth not only as a trainer, but more importantly as an individual.”


The Waking

Available in paperback & ebook

When Hunters kidnap her parents, Elana sets out on a dangerous journey to save them. With her Elder Born Skills yet untrained, she is left vulnerable to those who would use those powers for their own ends. She crosses paths with Aidan, also fleeing pursuit, and together they embark on what seems to be a fool’s mission, searching for a lost relic said to restore the Ancient Ones’ protection to the land. This throws them into the midst of the power struggle that is threatening to consume the Vale. None of the uncertainties of this undertaking however, can prepare them for the choices they must make, or the cost of following their dreams.