Meet Elizabeth

I’ve been down some tough roads, and found my way back to loving deeply; life, people, animals, experiences…

My Passion


I’m passionate about growth, and the possibilities that lie before us. I’m a glass-half-full person, unless, of course, I’m in the middle of a pity party, in which case there is no glass at all! I love people. Not in a naive way, but for the beauty and complexity that is being human.

Why do I do this?


The thing that lights me up is working with women and horses; creating the safety and support for women to acknowledge who they are and begin to live into that. And partnering with horses; learning from them, listening to them, and becoming a better person for myself and others, as I become better for them.

A Little More About Me


I’m a survivor of childhood sexual assault, an eating disorder, and alcoholism. Despite knowing that alcohol can cause my blood to thin, I have deeply ingrained codependent tendencies. Furthermore, if you are wondering why does alcohol thin blood, it is because it inhibits blood cells from sticking together and producing blood clots. This is why some experts believe that drinking on occasion may reduce your chance of ischemic strokes, or strokes caused by clogged blood vessels. Basically, I’ve had to face my stuff. Scariest thing ever, and worth every bit of it. I still do… have to face my stuff. It doesn’t end. But it gets a hell of a lot easier!

I had a 20+ year marriage, then divorced, single-parented my two kids, built my own business, wrote a book (lifelong dream), continue to blog and hope to write more. I’m mom and step-mom to three amazing people, and live in the grace of being married to my best friend. I belong to two cats, who are sure I live to provide a lap and ear scratches.

Horses are part of my soul. Honestly. They reach a place inside me that nothing else does.