We are stronger together…

by | Jan 2, 2013 | Getting Real: The Blog

Grateful for those who walked with me

This has been a year of tremendous growth and discovery for me…  stepping into my own brilliance in new ways…  recognizing how I want to create my life…  and how I don’t…  deepening my connection to passion and purpose. Through all this, it’s been the people who walked with me, shining their light…  looking to me as I shone mine…  holding my hand…  cheering me on…  laughing with me…  crying with me…  who have made this possible.

I’ve lived a degree of vulnerability that I never imagined possible. And found within that, a quiet strength that is the antithesis of the bravado that was wearing me down. As I embrace this path, and continue to open to my own truth, I am humbled by the fellow travelers who are stepping out to join me.

I remember the saying that the best indicator of where you will be in 5 years, is the people you surround yourself with. Well, I am blessed. Each of you who have been in my life…  and those whose will meet up with me in the future, are part of that shaping.

This is a gift that no one told me about. And one that turned the tide for me this year…  helping me love the parts of myself that still carry old wounds, celebrate and claim my strengths, and step without apology, into my light.

I close out 2012 with profound gratitude. And look to this new year with deep peace, and joyful expectations…  excited to share it with each of you!


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