Life Coaching

Are you hungry for change? Growth means moving beyond what you know… what has worked for you (or not), to break new ground in how you see yourself, the world, and your place in it. Growth isn’t easy, but it’s easier with support. You don’t have to do this alone.

Looking Within


Are you in that place where you’re hungry for change, yet not sure where to go, or what steps to take? It’s not comfortable, is it? It pulls up your fears and doubts, yet at the same time stirs your dreams and desires. It’s that scary/exciting edge that can quicken your breath, or send you running back to Netflix. (Which is okay too! It’s all part of the process.)

Growth means moving beyond what you know… what has worked (or not) for you, to break new ground in how you see yourself, how you see the world, and your place in it. It’s real work. Maybe the hardest you’ll ever do. And it’s worth every bit of it!

You can always choose to do this alone. But it’s harder that way. Here’s the thing… We are wired for support. All of us. It’s not a weakness, it’s part of the design. Think about it for a minute… you didn’t get here by yourself. You had help (whether it was positive or not) in getting to the place you’re standing now. It may have been sought after and welcomed, or it may have been circumstantial and a mixed bag. We don’t live or grow in a vacuum.

SUPPORT FOR:  Codependency  •  Relationship Issues  •  Divorce  •  Parenting Issues  •  Empty Nest  •  Life Season Changes  •  Personal Growth

“As a woman, I have assumed roles as daughter, sister, wife and mother. In these roles I brought tools to the table that were purposeful and inherent. Often my go to was task driven, performance based and people pleasing modalities. In the business of life with few free moments, I realized that there was very little time to reflect on my actions or indeed question my own narrative outside of the roles I played. As a rule follower, defined by black and white parameters in which to operate, I did not seek nor did I realize that there was another world inside of me that could be unlocked with hidden possibilities explored. There was also some fear in contemplating such an idea. Do I venture into the holy wild to see what God has for me on the other side, or do I stay safe in my familiar patterned surroundings wondering about the road not taken?” ~ K


BREAKTHROUGH IN:  Relationships  •  Communication  •  Boundaries  •  Leadership  •  Finances

What is a Life Coach?

So, this coaching stuff… what’s that about, anyway? What if you had someone come alongside you who could see you; see what lights you up, what scares the mess out of you, what makes you unique? What if they gave you unconditional support, help with obstacles, and acted as a guide on your journey, honoring your process, and trusting you to know yourself best? Can you feel the difference that can make?

That’s what coaching does for you. I’ve done it both ways – this growth stuff. I’ve done it alone, and I’ve done it with support. There’s no comparison.

I offer 60 minute life coaching sessions, nationally and internationally by phone, or via Zoom.

“Elizabeth has a gift of wisdom. Her understanding of our hearts goes very deep and she has a masterful ability to draw us out into greater understanding of ourselves.”
Mary Lee, Rougemont, NC