Equine Facilitated Coaching

Horses tell us the truth. They help us see ourselves, our patterns, assumptions, coping strategies, and how we impact those around us. All our work with horses is “on the ground”.

What is it?


Equine facilitated coaching is just a fancy way of saying that we have a horse or horses join us as part of your coaching team. The focus is on you, on what you’re working on in our life coaching sessions, or on what we’ve talked about working on in our time together with the horse(s).

These sessions are 60 minutes and include time with just us, to talk about our focus for the session and how to set you up to be safe and comfortable; time with the horse(s) discovering what is ready to come to the surface; and then working together as a team to support you in experiencing your next growth steps there with the horse(s). And finally time with the two of us at the end, reflecting on your experience, and looking at ways you can integrate that into your life.

Private Equine Facilitated Coaching

(No Horse Experience Required)
In these private sessions we work on relationships, communication, boundaries, leadership and/or getting comfortable in your own skin

Group Equine Facilitated Coaching

(Max of 6 participants. No Horse Experience Required)
I hold small group experiences for women, which are focused on specific topics such as:

  • Showing up for your life
  • What the heck are healthy boundaries, and how do I do them?
  • Communicating effectively
  • Creating powerful partnerships

Group experiences are 2-3 hours, depending on the number of participants, with an introduction time, horse time, and reflection time where you will bring your next steps home with you to continue integrating what you learned.

Why Horses?

Horses tell us the truth. The truth of how we’re showing up in the moment, with them. And yeah… that can be just as challenging as it sounds. It is also healing. You see, the truth is a gift. We can’t change what we don’t see. Horses help us see ourselves, our patterns, assumptions, coping strategies, and how we impact those around us. They help uncover all those voices in our head which hold us back in the other areas of our lives as well. And they partner with us in creating healthy new patterns, new assumptions, and new voices.

Cool fact. We’re helped just by being around horses. In a herd, horses synchronize their heartbeats to their herd members. It’s part of how they communicate. They literally, physiologically, feel what their herd is feeling. This enables them to react blazingly fast to possible danger, when even one herd member gets scared. It also helps them to calm down in one another’s presence. The fancy term for that is co-regulation. Think of what a baby does when held by their momma. Because horses have such a strong electromagnetic heart field, when we as humans get within about 9’ of them, our own hearts begin to co-regulate with theirs. I’ve experienced this all my life, and watched it with my clients for decades. It’s one piece of the science behind why we just feel better around horses.

WORKING ON:  Relationships  •  Communication  •  Boundaries  •  Leadership  •  Getting comfortable in your own skin

“Elizabeth has an incredible way with people and horses. She sees past the outside and considers the smallest communications. Everything and everyone is valuable to her. Nothing is ignored or overlooked. In our times together, I have never felt more “seen”. With people and horses alike, she is quick to observe and listen. She can read the unspoken no, the hard eye, the worried eye, the tension or the anxiety in the body. She seeks out and looks for the things that others don’t notice. Nothing feels forced and there are never expectations. She finds joy in finding horses and people’s truest and happiest state of being. I understand why horses trust her so much – they feel listened to, valued, respected, accepted, heard, and loved. I understand how they must feel because it has been my experience with Elizabeth.”
Whitney, Wake Forest, NC


Healing With Horses


Horses can meet us in our pain. They’re not afraid of emotions, and they don’t like it when we pretend to be okay. They want “real”. They can help us find the way back to feeling when we’ve shut down, and they offer a companionship that reaches into our hearts.

They give us an opportunity to overcome our fears. For some that is a fear of horses. For others, it’s a fear of not being ‘in control’, or of failing, or of not being accepted, or not being good enough. Horses help us recognize these fears, without judgment. They provide a place for us to work through them, and experience the freedom of stepping out on the other side.

Just like humans, horses require trust, communication, boundaries, and partnership from us. This isn’t a theory. They are highly relational, and have so much to teach us about emotional and relational intelligence. Interacting with a horse makes these skills practical, tangible, and accessible. These life and relationship skills are honed in the paddock and arena. If you want to learn about horse menage harrow, this is the best choice for you.

There are a number of ways we can work together with horses. All of the work we do is ‘on the ground’, meaning that we do not ride.

“Elizabeth is uniquely qualified to help you recognize your barriers through equine facilitation and take you on a road of discovery outside those confines. into that unending journey of healing and growth. You might be surprised at what you find as you slow down, learn to ‘Be’ versus ‘Do’, and define the quality of your relationships in the light of personal freedom and hard-won wisdom.”
~ K