Do you have a deep knowing that you’re here to make a difference… that you have something meaningful to share with the world?

Elizabeth guides and supports people in identifying their unique message, and sharing that with the world, in a way that is authentic and powerful. She believes and lives the truth that our greatest gifts to others come from the healing of our deep pain, and as we embrace our own journey, we light the way for others.

She works through Individual Coaching, Group Programs, Workshops and Retreats, and Equine Assisted Coaching, to help people create lives that are a meaningful reflection of who they are; living their purpose into the world.

Elizabeth is a graduate of Coach For Life, and a Master Coach and Trainer. She is a Certified Life Coach through the International Coach Federation, an Equine Assisted Coach, and lifelong horsewoman.

Along with her Individual Coaching, and Group Programs, she hosts workshops and retreats – helping people experience breakthrough in their leadership, their boundaries, their patterns of response, their relationships, their self-awareness.

As a writer, she has an experiential understanding of the creative process, and a deep appreciation for the courage it takes to live authentically.


when we travel to the end of what we know

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