Personal Breakthrough Coaching:


Because of my coaching sessions with you I’ve reconnected with my essence (which to me was like a fairytale twist in my life), I’ve begun to live more and more from this place and I’ve seen how I can be of service to others and effect real change through being in my essence.  I have so much more love for myself and joy about life from this awareness.  And with regard to my happiness and fulfillment in relationship you’ve helped me to identify a couple of really deep core beliefs that have prevented this, and you’ve given me the tools to shift them, which gives me so much confidence and positive expectation for my relationship future.  This is all tooo incredible for me Elizabeth!!!

So much love and gratitude to you,  : ))xoxox

Debra Tan


The moment I heard Elizabeth’s voice over the phone, I knew she was the life coach I was looking for. There is something very special about Elizabeth and even though we are miles away from one another– I could feel her compassion, her big heart and her sensitivity. When I first encountered Elizabeth, I was at a very unhappy point in my life– a personal relationship had failed, I wasn’t happy with where I was living and even my career was losing its shine. I knew I needed to make some serious changes, but I was overwhelmed by a paralyzing fear of failure and a lack of self confidence. I decided to give this life coaching a try, perhaps the accountability would help me make the changes I needed. Lets just say the coaching sessions with Elizabeth gave me even more than I predicted!! Much much more!!! Elizabeth gave me the tools to find the solutions and answers from within myself. At times she nurtured me with warm compassion and at other times she gave me the assertive nudge I needed– she worked with me to pave the way for me to create the life I want to live. In just 6 months I have started a new business, followed my heart to travel to places I’ve always dreamed of and learned to create healthy boundaries that honor myself and preserve my relationships. Elizabeth is wonderful and her coaching will change lives!!

Natasha St. Michael




Dear Elizabeth,

I wanted you to know how much you’ve helped me over the year, through my Life Coaching relationship with you.  I had always felt deep within me that I wasn’t being true to myself or my life’s purpose.  In the past few years, I had begun to question my actions and expectations in my personal and my professional life.  It seemed like I continued to do and try the same things over and over again, in different guise but similar patterns, and still expected the desired result to occur, i.e., happiness, fulfillment, challenge, mutual respect and love from family and friends, etc.  But I still had a feeling that I wasn’t doing what I was meant to do and I still wasn’t happy with myself, I wasn’t the “true” me.

When I saw your web page and felt that tug of inspiration or intuition that you were the one to help me become the “real me,” I called you for that initial conversation and discussion about life coaching.  I hadn’t even heard the name or term before.  But after my first discussion with you, I knew that you were the one that could help me become what I really wanted to be.

You have helped me immeasurably.  After years of trying to become “better,” and “smarter,” and “more capable” in helping others, which I tried to accomplish through my private law practice and countless different certificates and licenses, you guided me to and through the way to become the real me – happier, more present, less demanding and judgmental, more open, loving, understanding, and truly more supportive and “helpful” to those I wanted to support.  My family can see the difference in me.  I feel free and easy with my daily life and have new ideas and opportunities for my professional future.  Everything seems to fit now.  Days are brighter and hold new possibilities for expanding this world that I now inhabit.  And I owe it all to you.

Thank you for your continued support and your special spirit that can always see what I need to help me find my way each day.  I look forward to continuing and expanding our Coaching relationship.

Patrick Hyland,

Fort Collins, Colorado


I had my 4th extremely powerful coaching call with Elizabeth today.  Each time she just zeros in on the spot, identifies what she sees which I clearly understand and then we clear.  The relief is so great and I feel so supported. I’m plugging leaky holes that go well beyond little scraps of money, but into the huge issues that have been draining my life forces for years.  Quite frankly, I just can’t imagine trying to do this on my own. Teaming with Elizabeth has turbo-charged my transformation.  I’m eternally grateful!  It’s my wish that everyone would open themselves up for this opportunity.  Thank you Elizabeth, for making this possible.

XXOO Susan Bagyura


I asked Elizabeth to investigate with me, why I have so much resistance to the idea of “goals”. After all, now that I have finally discovered my compelling vision, goals will support me in moving forward, but I carry a lot of baggage around the word, from my corporate years. Surprisingly, the resistance wasn’t what we expected it to be. Rather than releasing blocks, the reading revealed that I need to ask my intuition for input and guidance – the resistance was a signal to listen more closely. With Elizabeth’s support, I recognized a way of journaling, where I’ve discovered that I easily and effortlessly receive that guidance. The answers I received from doing my action step are vastly different from my usual corporate-derived, head-based answers, which come from looking at my To Do List, and a calendar! All I know is that I feel like my entire being can align behind my intuition based goals – the absence of internal conflict, and second-guessing is huge for me!

This is what I value most about Elizabeth – that she seeks to see the answers that make sense for the individual client, and offers them a way that will propel that client forward. Without her support in this area, I would be spinning myself in circles.

Meenal Kelkar, Mind-Body-Spirit Educator

San Diego, CA


I had my first session this morning with beautiful, wise, insightful and amazing Elizabeth.  Elizabeth, you have been added to my daily gratitude list!

Elizabeth, in her keenly insightful (and loving) way, saw me–entirely, I’d say–and then absolutely nailed an aspect of me, which was known to me but hidden.  The lights flew on for me.

Today has been a milestone in personal growth for me, thanks to Elizabeth.  I will most definitely schedule more sessions.  And I am beginning to look forward to what’s next in my life with an open heart, and an awareness of how great and fulfilling it can/will be!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Elizabeth!

Much love and Gratitude,

Marcia Kohler


OH MY GOD!!!  I am more than amazed and beyond WOO HOO.  I just finished my Coaching session with Coach Elizabeth Love.  I still have goose bumps and am vibrating like I never thought I could.  Wow!  I had a huge shift.  Elizabeth got right to the heart of the matter with such power and gentle grace that really assisted me in opening up.  Her own energy helped me move forward without even thinking of stepping back. Things I’ve known but were shaky in believing blossomed and grew up at the same time.  My body has been lifted from a tight, dark, pain ridden lock and is moving more freely.  I didn’t even get a release that fast at the chiropractor!! So much change and shifting happened physically and emotionally for me.

I felt so secure and safe with Elizabeth I signed up for SIX more sessions. I know my life will never be the same and am looking forward to more shifts.  I feel very secure in my commitment to keep going on the path I knew was right for me.  I was encouraged and challenged with such care and clarity working with Elizabeth.  It’s just the boost and energy I needed.

Thanks Elizabeth! You more than rock.

Alphie Thorn


WOW……….ok ok I’ll expand on that…

Elizabeth Love is a God-send….I want to be like her when I grow up! We did a video Skype call and loved her smile right away, it gave me confidence to be open and be honest to both of us. After starting the session, she immediately had the image of me as a child that had made a significant decision thats been affecting my life. I immediately flashed back to an incident where this occurred. I was about 5 or 6 years old.

It was late Sunday night, it was dark, we were returning from the summer cottage, my dad was driving, my mother in the front passenger seat, my sister and brother in the back with me were asleep. I was awake silently crying and I remember with great conviction that I never, never wanted this in my life. This being married with family life. My mother was not a happy person, my dad worked underground in the mines and after coming home, having a nap, eating dinner, he would then would go to his second job of house building or renovation…basicly never home. She suffered great depresion with being alone with the kids and took it out on me the eldest. I HATED my family life so I pretty well played outdoors as much as possible.

So when Elizabeth got me in touch with this vision this incredible thick mass of emotion welled up to the surface chocking me till I let go in tears and shaking sobs…..what a freaking relief….what an amount of weight came off my being. I was tingling head to toe. I never thought something like this could occur.

This morning in my meditation I went to the child in the back seat and took him by the hand and asked him to come for a walk with me. We went to a bright open field of tall grass and after running and spinning around we laid down and soaked up the sun and I thanked him for his part he played in my life and told him that I now wanted him to let go of that decision and go forward and be happy. His smile was his answer. When I returned to the car that night I saw him sleeping with the others with  that smile on his face.

I give my thanks to the Heavens, to Elizabeth, and to myself for making this possible.

Denis Seguin


THANK YOU SO MUCH Coach Elizabeth Love from the depth of my soul. The freedom & aliveness I feel now is so different to the energy I have operated my life thru in the past. In the amazingly powerful session I just had, she gently guided me in removing a very large energy that has been acting as a shield for ALL my life. No one could get thru it and of course living my life behind it, prevented me from showing up fully for my own life. This new space I am in feels sooooo Delicious. WooHoo!!! It feels aligned and so much more authentically me. Thank you again! Big Hugs & heartfelt Gratitude!!!!

Michele Jarvis


I just had my coaching session with Coach Elizabeth and It was an absolutely amazing session!!

As she read my energy, Elizabeth really “saw” me, how far I’ve come in my healing, how much courage I’ve had in facing all my fears head on and finally where I am today. It really brought tears to my eyes – I’m not used to being seen and celebrated by others (most likely bc I’m not open to receiving) or myself. She helped me celebrate all of it, celebrate who I am, my courage, how far I’ve come, and inspired me to open myself up to fully and deeply receive, celebrate and appreciate all of it every day.

Thank you Elizabeth from the bottom of my heart for this amazing session.

With much love,



I had the most amazing coaching session with Coach Elizabeth Love yesterday!

My issues have been with me for eighteen years with the passing of my Grandson in a car accident the day before his first birthday.

Her insights into the heavy energy I was carrying around was profound as she also seen me as carrying not only my sadness and grief but the sadness and grief I took on for my daughter’s loss.

As she gently helped me release the energy of heaviness I’ve been carrying around I felt such a beautiful lightness in my body, so safe………such relief. I really can’t even put it into words.

I’ve been blessed by having been a recipient of her beautiful gift of helping move this energy that has been my major leaky hole for eighteen years, I will always be grateful.

If you are able to receive coaching sessions to help you move past some energy blocks that you just don’t seem to be able to do on your own or if you just can’t put your finger on what it is that seems to be holding you back, I would highly recommend coaching sessions to help you make the most amazing breakthroughs to help you be all you were meant to be in this lifetime!

With much gratitude Elizabeth and thanks from the bottom of my heart,



I had an A-Ma-Zing session with Master Coach Elizabeth Love!!!  Having someone look and speak to your Essence is priceless.  If anyone has any hesitation about being coached, my two cents is this: what if living from your Essence were easier than you you’ve ever imagined? What if you could be coached to remove the lid off your grand, grounded, bright, effervescent self?  Would you choose it?




I had a session with Coach Elizabeth Love today…..THANK YOU, Elizabeth!!  It is difficult to put into words how awesome it was.  All I can say is, there is nothing more amazing than someone pointing out truths to you that you probably already know but don’t currently see.  And then, telling you some more truths that have been buried deep for a long time.  I spent the rest of the day a much lighter, more aware person.  Can’t wait until next time.  Thank you again, Elizabeth.  It is quite obvious that you are doing what you are meant to be doing~



I had my coaching session with Elizabeth today and it was very powerful.  I kinda sorta knew on some level that my mother would come up again.  (oh mom energy yeah can I ever get done with her? arghhh) As an adult now, I needed to put away my angst about my mom because she is getting older and frailer.  I thought I had dealt with it, but I didn’t clear all of it.  How do you clear what you can’t see?  the time maybe too short to waste time on struggles the two of us have had in the past. and she can’t go toe to toe with me anymore so what is the use of fighting?  Elizabeth was so kind when she talked about the two of us not seeing eye to eye and how as a little girl I reached out to her to help her with her self esteem and how my mom’s lack of self esteem affected my self esteem detrimentally.  It was so profound because she spoke so kindly of a woman who spent most of my growing years as a depressed screaming shrew.  (there I said it uh huh uh huh) She handed me on a silver platter a reason to have some compassion for my mom, without diminishing me in the process. and then we cleared all that guck out of my system.  she then assigned homework on how to keep mom out of my energetic space for good.  Go for a session.  You won’t regret it.

Pam Strassburg


Tuesday I had an amazing session with Elizabeth Love! We were working on limitations I have had since my childhood.

With her fabulous guiding and another day for the energies to settle down, I found myself yesterday more grounded and holding my own authority, instead of projecting it into other people.

Woooooo Hooooooo!!!!

Thank you Elizabeth,…… I am excited to work more with you, and can´t wait to change my life even more!



The session I had today with Master Coach Elizabeth was very much a saving grace. I wasn’t sure what to work on, but after a brief discussion she went into my energy field and could see what a cluttered mess it is. A lot of people have made themselves at home throughout my lifetime, which explains why I’ve had such a hard time with life in general, but mainly in relationships. I’ve been carrying around a lot for a long time that doesn’t belong to me. Actually, I wasn’t surprised to hear this. This was a difficult session, but in spite of that we laughed ( you can’t avoid laughter when you talk about poop and diarrhea…hehe.) She helped me dump a lot of energy that isn’t mine and filled me with gold, body and aura. There’s a lot of damage in my aura also, which once again didn’t surprise me. I was surprised when she told me my aura has no outer boundary, but she surrounded it with gold light to start the healing process. Toward the end of the session she mentioned issues with my dad, which is right on. So…as she told me, the session was triage and I am now in energetic hospital. I believe she’s right. She’s my wonderful healer. I’ve been taking the energetic medicine prescribed to me, and will continue with more sessions.

I want you to know how much this means to me, Elizabeth. You are giving my life back to me. Thanks so much for creating the space, giving me the love, and the laughter, to put myself together.

Cheryl Kwallek


Today I had a coaching session with Coach Elizabeth Love, and I am a different person than I was when I woke up this morning.  I have been living in absolute terror for so long, and it was so validating to not only hear that truth from another person, but to also hear the reasons behind it.  My session was eye-opening, jaw-dropping, tear-provoking, and nothing short of a miracle.  I am used to having my energy read, but this coaching session far surpassed anything else I have experienced and I was blown away by the information I received.  Coach Elizabeth hit everything dead on, and in a deep way.  I went in with a shaky, jittery energy and feeling like I wanted to just hide or run away.  I ended the session calm, grounded and feeling “sparkly,” and feeling more present in my body than I have in a long time.  I have continued to feel like this for the rest of the day, even in the face of what I was so terrified of.  I am welcoming that joyful little girl back into my body and remembering that fun isn’t frivolous – it’s way good!

Thanks Elizabeth!!!

Hali Charron


Today I had a fantastic session with Elizabeth Love. I was very impressed with how she within minutes clearly saw my deeply rooted blocks and we efficiently cleared them. I’m so impressed with how fast, accurate and graceful it is to work with a fantastic energy coach. Major block that are gone – in just one session. How sweet is that? Thank you Elizabeth!!! I’m prosperously moving forward with grace and ease.



I just had a session with Coach Elizabeth and I feel so wonderful and clear. I have been shifting my energy and releasing vibes that no longer serve me for a long time now, but this session has really taken me to the next level I was craving for. I can feel energetically the difference in my body and how shifting the old crud I was hanging onto (not deliberately!) has created a space for the real essence of me to enter and stay here with ease. I can feel how much my heart has opened and there is a lightness in all my cells, like cool liquid everywhere. The process to heal and enhance my boundaries is just perfect for me and the work I do. Thank you so much Elizabeth, you Rock!



I just had an AMAZING coaching session  with Elizabeth Love. OMG!

I knew I had a major block in my life flow.  It was deep within and I couldn’t access it.  Elizabeth accessed it, was with me as we dug deeper and cleared it, then deeper for more clearing. More and more clearing until Elizabeth could see it cleared.   I could feel so much energy shifting, changing and recreating during this session.  Yet it was so gentle, easy, comforting and profound.

My advice: if you are on the fence about coaching sessions, then you need one.  Your stuff has you on the fence.

I know my outward reality will be very much different now.  I am looking forward to more sessions in the future.  I AM well worth the coaching investment.

WOOOOOHOOOOO   is right!



I had a session with Elizabeth one week ago today. I was nervous but also excited. I felt an immediate connection with Elizabeth and an ease and love in the communication. The time was so rich. It’s hard to explain the feeling I experienced but it was almost like time stood still. So much happened during that session. What Elizabeth honed in on was not valuing myself. The energy was connected to my mom. She didn’t value herself and I absorbed this. So right on. We started doing some clearing but I was feeling afraid. Then Elizabeth said something so simple yet profound. She said it’s like going into your jewelry box and finding a ring there that belongs to someone else. There wouldn’t be any judgement, attachment or feeling bad. You’d just give it back. Same with energy I was carrying (which was from my toddler years by the way). It didn’t belong to me. It made letting go OK.
The oddest thing happened the next day. I dropped my ring which I’ve never done before. I’ve had that ring since my mom died 6 years ago and I wear it everyday. I dropped it on a dark multi colored shag carpet. Ugh. I decided I wouldn’t leave the house until I found it. All the time I was looking (I did find it) I kept remembering the session and the analogy to the ring. And how easy that energy left.
Wow! I got so much value from my session. For anybody wondering whether or not to do more coaching I’d say go for it.



Elizabeth’s coaching has helped me to clarify my life’s purpose and see how my daily actions align with that purpose and my values.  Her gentle style creates a safe space for me to explore where I want to go and how I want to get there.  I’m amazed at how intuitive she is, and I love the beautiful word pictures she paints as she gracefully guides me to my own answers.

Suellen Germani

Atlanta, GA


WOW!!!! I cannot put a price on the session that I had with Elizabeth Love!  I cleared a however year-old pattern and am now FREE and ready to live my life true to me and my divine role!!!!  It is something phenomenal to have someone truly see me and be in tune to my energy and then construct a personal plan to help me have a breakthrough.

I was pondering what to talk to Elizabeth about, and I knew for sure that I wanted to talk to her about 2 things: 1) whether to buy or rent 2) Whether to move forward with a website, etc. or to wait.  I started to feel scared that I would talk to her about the wrong thing or not have time to cover what I wanted to talk about. I then realized that I was doing all of this thinking in my head!  I dropped down and wanted to know the root of these feelings.  I then knew that I was scared to have the session end because that’s when all of my answers would end. I was seeking all of my answers through others and not looking into myself.

Elizabeth facilitated a fantastic breakthrough for me so I would be the authority in my life.  I would find the answers in me and my revelation instead of giving my power away to others.  I feel like a totally different person.  I am more whole now since I have taken my power out of that pattern and received my power back from all of the people and situations that I gave it to.  It was AMAZING to feel my power come back. I have never felt anything like it!

Elizabeth is a true angel who I admire in every way.  She didn’t save me… she empowered me to save myself and know that the answers lie in me. I am the authority in my life and I can obtain any answer that I need through me and my personal revelation!!!!!!

WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! Thank you Elizabeth!!

Elysha Maughan


Elizabeth is a life coach who thinks in an abstract, “out of the box” way to supplement my concrete, “in the box” thinking.  She is an asset to me because she has the valuable ability to provide just the right mix of abstract concepts partnered with the concrete examples that my brain needs, to grab onto a new point to ponder, or course of action.  Our coaching sessions are a treasure in my life.  After a session with Elizabeth I often feel like a sailboat that has caught a fresh wind to fill its sails ~ because I have been encouraged, understood, exhorted to growth and even challenged when necessary.  How’s that for some abstract thinking! (I’m developing a new side of myself)

~ thanks Elizabeth.

DeeDee Patron

Raleigh, NC


Elizabeth’s service to Spirit as my coach, is an exquisite gift in assisting me to discover my Truth. Her ability to see Divine Grace and the Gift in every difficult situation, is truly breathtaking! She reflects the magnificence of Who I Am, with eloquence and grace only a few rare individuals possess.

These beautiful qualities are what opens the space for me to step fully into my Expansive Self. This stepping into Self reflects my personal goal of heart-centered, joyous living through my own sacred wholeness.

Elizabeth provides wonderful support in assisting me with this journey. She truly embodies the Absolute Wonder of Living in the Flow, through her presence of love and connection.

Thank You for assisting me in the creation of Joy, Passion, Love, Beauty, and Honor, through your Loving, Affirming Presence.

Celeste Ametrine


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