You’re not wrong

Buddy freezes, his generously sized ears straining towards the line of Canadian geese, strut-waddling just outside the back arena fence; the scary side, with tiny fox prints in the screenings each morning.  It doesn’t matter that we’ve had Canadian geese at the ranch the whole time we’ve been here.  It doesn’t matter that he sees […]

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Climbing out of the winner’s circle

The large mare braced her neck in response to a gentle lift of the right rein; the softness of a moment ago evaporating, as she readied for a fight I never intended to pick. Underneath the bareback pad, her muscles clenched and breathing froze. The mare I had just been riding seemed to vanish, replaced […]

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The intersection of horse training and people healing

Horses are honest; beautifully so.I, on the other hand, often am not. Not with myself. Not with other people, and not with horses.It’s not that I’m a pathological liar. I tell the truths that I see, and own what I recognize; it’s just that sometimes it can be hard to see what’s driving me. What’s […]

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