Wow… What a year it’s been!! Lots of growth, new awarenesses, and positive change.  One of the things that’s unfolded from this growth, is my 6 week Real Women… Real Bodies… Real Life! program. 

It was a great experience sharing this program last year, and since then, I’ve been busy updating, fine tuning, and reworking the program – to make it even more accessible, more powerful, and more fun!!

I’m super excited to offer it again, starting January 7th!

And for those special women who have worked with me before… I wanted to give you a chance to experience all that’s coming at a SUPER INNER CIRCLE discount!!

In addition to everything else, you’ll receive:

  • Practical ways to begin looking and feeling good NOW
  • Recipes, food tips, guidelines
  • Update your idea of beauty and start living your unique style
  • More ‘hands on’ with 3 group coaching sessions added!!
  • and much more!!

The full price for this program is $297…

The holiday discount is $147…

But for my special gals, I’m offering it for only $75!!! 

Here’s the full description:

Real Women…  Real Bodies…  Real Life: a 6 week power-packed program to begin healing your relationship with food, with your body, with yourself…

If you’re ready to begin feeling good about yourself, your body, and your life, take action now!!

Begins January 7th

Regularly priced at $297 

Holiday offer only $147…


And get started instantly with a free gift…


Do you find yourself: 

▪   Stepping on the scale every morning, or gauging the fit of your clothes, to determine how good you’re allowed to feel?

▪   Comparing your body with other women’s bodies, and beating up on yourself, or feeling jealous of other women?

▪  Having thoughts like, “I could feel good about myself if only my body were…” (you fill in the blank) 

▪   Feeling discouraged and ashamed of yourself because no matter how hard you try, food behaviors and body image thoughts, are crowding into your life?

In Real Women… Real Bodies… Real Life, you will:

  • Learn how your food can work for you.  
  • Discover what foods help your body let go of excess weight, and what foods trigger your body to put on more pounds. 
  • Reveal the underpinnings of your destructive food behaviors.
  • Receive support through powerful coaching processes to shift your relationship to food and body image. 
  • Acknowledge the hunger within you, and address what it’s really asking for, so you don’t feel deprived.
  • Navigate the maze of nutrition, belief systems, emotions, and cultural programming, so that YOU can unlock the doors to YOUR freedom! 


This program is different from so many others.

  • This is NOT a diet or exercise program.
  • It’s not about following rules or deprivation!
  • You will not be told what to eat… how often… or how much.
  • There is no ‘one size fits all’ system that you need to conform to.
  • This program will teach you how to discover YOUR unique keys to nurture and nourish your body!!


During this 6 week program you will receive: 

  • 6 powerful live training calls. They will be recorded, and the audios made available to you for download and unlimited listening! ($900 value)
  • 3 live group coaching calls where YOU may be able to receive 1 on 1 coaching to help you break through! ($450 value)
  • A morning and evening guided meditation, to download and listen to every day, helping you connect with your body, rather than fight against it. ($50 value)
  • Yummy weekly tips to help you take nurturing care of yourself! ($180 value)
  • One free month of EFT (tapping) from EZ tapping: 2 programs designed specially for this program, and delivered daily to your inbox. $60 value
  • Discounted rates for individual coaching with me. (up to $550 value)
  • A tribe of women who are walking this journey with you; so you don’t have to do this alone! (priceless!)

That’s over $2,190 of power packed content!!

Holiday offer now for only $147…


If you’re ready to begin feeling good about yourself, your body, and your life, take action now!!

And get started instantly with a free gift!!


I have benefited  greatly from Elizabeth Love’s Real Women… Real Bodies… Real Life program. I realized that I didn’t have a healthy relationship to food and now I am learning to listen to my body and its messages and I have a new relationship with food, and am eating better and am wanting to eat better. I went on holiday to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico and did not overeat, and was fulfilled and happy…. It works!

Jenny Rice, Toronto


Image 5


I’ve been there, and I can help you get free!

I know what it is to feel horrible about your body…  to wonder if the clothes in your closet will fit you next month… or to stay home because it’s easier to hide and eat (or binge and purge), than it is to be around people.

In my teens, food became my drug of choice. And I ran with it, down every path I could find: bulimia…  anorexia…  compulsive overeating.

Even when I controlled my outward behaviors around food, I knew there was something wrong inside. I was obsessed. It occupied my thoughts. It was my ‘go-to’ place for comfort, for solace. It became the constant in my life… always calling to me, offering a ‘feel good’, but delivering more pain, loneliness, and isolation.

Trying to control it just fed this monster. I could muster up control for a little while, only to swing back, feeling more defeated than ever. The worst part was the shame I felt in having to face this challenge. I believed I was the only one who felt this way, and if others knew what was going on inside me, they’d think less of me for it.

Through this struggle, my desire to heal, kept me searching for a way out. I healed by degrees, going down many different paths, as I discovered the keys to unlock the doors to my freedom. My life now, is something I couldn’t have imagined. Is it perfect? No. Is being at a healthy weight the reason I feel good? No. I’ve maintained a healthy weight for the greater part of 20 years, because I’ve shifted my relationship with food, with my body, and with myself. Am I still in process? Yes. This has been one of the most powerful teachers of my life, and as long as I allow it be, it continues to lead me on a path of growth.

I am an ICF certified Life Coach, I have been a Master Coach and Trainer for an international coaching program. I have also immersed myself in the study of nutrition, styles of eating (from raw to Paleo and everything in between), and the effects of different foods on our bodies. For the past 15 years, I have worked with hundreds of women, many of whom came to me with unhealthy relationships to food, and toxic body image issues. Through the course of our coaching sessions, it has been my joy to watch them reclaim their lives from the grip of these destructive patterns, reconnect with who they are, and begin to live their passion and purpose. Our lives, our careers, and our relationships open up, when we shift how we approach food and our bodies from the old punitive and shame based patterns, to a loving and honoring way of being.

You Need Support to Succeed! 

I tried it alone for years.

And so have you.

It doesn’t work that way.

This process begins by learning to listen to, and honor yourself, your body, and the hunger within you. That’s the ONLY thing I have seen work long term for me, and for those that I’ve coached. As we transform our relationship with food, and our bodies, we also heal those things that hold us back from living fully.

I KNOW that simply having good information ISN’T enough to create lasting success. It takes connection to make it personal. We’re women, and we grow and thrive in relationship. Having compassionate support, guidance, and encouragement from someone who has travelled this path and helped others find their way through, gives us the ability to see the journey through to the other side.  

If you’re ready to begin feeling good about yourself, your body, and your life, take action now!!

And get started instantly with a free gift!!

Usually $297

Holiday offer only $147



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