It’s time to reclaim your own sense of what is beautiful!!

As women, we have received a toxic body image inheritance from our culture. Recognizing this…  calling it out…  and reclaiming our own innate sense of beauty/worth/vibrancy, is the beginning of our healing here.

I’d like you to take a moment, and check in with yourself, asking the question, “What do I think I need to look like to feel fantastic about my body?”.

Another way to check in with this, is to notice about what you think to yourself about your body when you look in the mirror, or put on (or take off) clothes. Are there parts of you that you hone in on and criticize?

Is there a certain shape you believe you need to attain in order to feel good about your body?

As always…  in the noticing, there’s no right or wrong here…  it’s simply an opportunity to check in and see what external parameters are shaping your sense of worth, when it comes to your body.

It’s often surprising to me, that what lingers is an image of beauty left over from my insecure and immature teenage years. And clearly, that’s not loving or accepting of the wonderful 49 year old body that belongs to me now!! I’ve had 2 babies, spent 7 years nursing, have wrinkles and sags that I didn’t used to have…  cellulite…  and more pounds on me than the model-thin image that filled my barely pubescent head when I was trying to figure out what it meant to be a woman.

So let’s begin discovering what it feels like to celebrate YOU NOW!!

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Celebrating YOU!!

Elizabeth Love


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