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Who can benefit from Equine Assisted Coaching?

Those wanting to develop:

~ healthy boundaries

~ positive leadership qualities

~ emotional intelligence and agility

~ expanded mind/body awareness

~ the ability to be fully present in a situation


Those growing their:

~ self-esteem

~ self-confidence

~ body image

~ social intelligence

~ and those who would like to explore more of what it means to live authentically.

Horses are present in the moment, and invite connection. Unlike people, they don’t pretend. They provide a safe space for you to reconnect with who you truly are, and integrate that truth into your life.

Equestrians who are experiencing blocks in their riding – from fear, ambivalence, frustration, or insecurity. Equine Assisted Coaching allows them to become aware of what’s happening inside themselves, and move through these blocks to a place of confidence and security, in a setting where the focus is on their own process, and not their horsemanship or riding ability.


What is Equine Assisted Coaching, and how does this work?

Horses have the ability to act as a catalyst for deep transformation within humans. Something within us is touched by contact with a horse; our hearts are softened, our courage is strengthened, and we have the opportunity to become more aware of who we are.

Equine Assisted Coaching works with both youth and adults, incorporating respectful, non-riding interaction with horses, with Life Coaching. Sessions begin with a time to talk about what’s happening with you, what new awarenesses you’ve had, or what challenges you’re facing. We then move to our horse time. Based on your focus, I will suggest activities to do, games to play, or ways to connect with the horse.

During this time you become more aware of your own behavior patterns, and are able to develop new responses within a safe situation. Because horses are innately tuned in to reading our feelings, our energy, and our motivations, when you shift your perspective, or your approach – they will reflect that shift back to you without judgment or hesitation.

We then finish up the session with some process time – where you’re able to talk about what you experienced, and we look together at how you can incorporate what you’re learning into your life.

This same work is profoundly effective in a group setting. 

I offer workshops for Women, Youth, Business Teams, and Families.

Equine Assisted workshops develop:

~ Real life leadership

~ Working with group dynamics

~ Communication and trust

~ Problem solving

~ Handling distractions and temptations

~ Maintaining and respecting boundaries

~ Relationships and roles

~ Self care

~ Personal and group empowerment

~ Emotional/social intelligence


To find out about Equine Assisted workshops, Equine Assisted Coaching, or to schedule a time for yourself, click the email link at the top right of the page to send a message, or call Elizabeth at (919) 368-8646.

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