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Reconnect with who you really are…

and begin living from your truth.

We’ve all experienced trying to change, only to find that even after our best efforts we’re once again facing a similar situation. Perhaps it has a new face, or new name, but we recognize that we’re still stuck playing variations on a theme that we’d like to move past.

We do the hard work of growth and change, yet when we stop pushing, we find ourselves slowly (or quickly) sliding back to the old starting point.

Breakthrough Coaching enables us to shift the unconscious set points that cause us to repeat unhelpful patterns in our lives.

Personal Coaching sessions are 45 minutes long, and held over the phone.

Equine Facilitated sessions are 60 minutes.

In these sessions we identify the areas of your life where you want to experience change.

We look at the essence of who you are; your true identity, separate from the places you’re stuck.

As we work together, I help you hone in on the core dynamics underlying the challenges you’re facing. Through a variety of tools and processes, we shift these unhelpful patterns. In their place we develop a strong healthy framework that supports your true identity; allowing you to take effective action steps into a life that reflects the best of who you are.

As we heal the underlying blueprint of our life ~ aligning it with who we most truly are, changes that were difficult, become easy…  changes that were impossible, become possible…  and we are freed to embrace the life we were born to live.

You can email or call to take the next step and begin this life changing adventure!



Different people’s experiences with coaching…

“WOW, I am literally in AWE after my session with Elizabeth. As a fellow a coach and energy reader, it’s rare to come across someone who has the level of incredible clarity, intuition, and laser-sharp awareness that Elizabeth does. Without knowing my background, she was able to hone right in to the core root of my issue, reflect back with such accuracy exactly where I am getting stuck, and provide me with insights, deep “Ah-ha’s”, and tangible & effective ways to clear what has felt like a burden of a lifetime. Elizabeth’s no-nonsense, loving, and straightforward style gave me access to a depth of awareness I had previously been blind to. Being in the “industry” I have very high standards, and I highly recommend Elizabeth with every ounce of my being. If you are REALLY ready to make a shift in your life, you MUST have a session with Elizabeth.” 

Krista Barbour, Boulder CO

“Before my coaching sessions with Elizabeth, I felt totally stuck in a pattern of feeling invisible and deeply frustrated that despite all the hard work I put into my company, nothing seemed to happen. What was wrong with me?

Today, just eight weeks after our initial call, I am filled with wonder. The way I experience my life is so totally different now that it seems like magic. I can clearly see what blocked me, and I feel confident about myself and the work I do. I have attracted people and new, exciting possibilities into my life. I feel seen, connected and excited about the future.

Elizabeth helped me release old patterns and see what parts needed my attention. She lovingly challenged me to take steps that were a bit scary. She guided me to find my own answers and solutions.

Her loving, gentle and deeply intuitive way to coach was just what I needed. Knowing she is there whenever I would need her again, brings me so much comfort.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!”

Annika Thomas

Nykoping, Sweden


“I love Friday mornings.  It is my favorite time of the week.  Friday at 11 am I get to spend time with my dear friend and coach Elizabeth Love.  Nothing else even comes close.  I have spent countless hours in therapy without much movement, and not near what I get from Elizabeth.  You see, therapy was all about identifying what was wrong with me, while Elizabeth brings to light all that is right with me.  Elizabeth saw something inside of me that I needed to see in the first session, and it keeps getting better.  I smile just thinking about Friday.  How cool is that?”

Tracy Green


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