Welcome to Real Women… Real Bodies… Real Life!!

This is your ‘go-to’ page to access your program. Please bookmark it, so you can come back here as often as you’d like!!

I’ll be seining you emails over these next 6 weeks, to check in, give you tips and tools, and offer encouragement as you begin your journey.


All the calls, meditations, and guided processes are here on this page for you to listen to and download!!

To listen online, simply click the link and a player will open in a new window.

To download from a PC or Mac, you can right click the player bar from the player page and choose ‘save as’, or ‘download’.

From a Mac, you can also press alt/option and click the link below, and it will go straight to your downloads file.

Morning Meditation

Evening Meditation

Week 1 Call: Redefining the Journey

Week 2 Call: Loving Our Bodies

My Styles Collage: Discovering YOUR personal style!

Week 3 Call: Getting Your Food to Work FOR You

Week 4 Call: Decoding Your Body’s Messages

Special Bonus!! Meditation: Connecting with our constricted emotions

Special Bonus!!  Live Coaching Call

Week 5 Call: Taking Care of Ourselves ~ Navigating Boundaries & Anger

Special Bonus!! Anger/Vulnerability Process

Week 6 Call: Integration


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